Our Angels Of The Air

Image: Royal Flying Doctor Service SE Section

You’re finally embarking on the ultimate road trip across the Nullarbor. Spirits are high, as you and your family enjoy the amazing country and scenery when out of nowhere a large kangaroo crosses your path and in an instant your world (and your vehicle) are quite literally turned upside down. Unfortuntely, scenarios such as this is only too familiar when travelling in our outback and bush. You never know when a crisis will strike – it can happen anywhere and to anyone. With the beauty and adventure of the bush, also comes the isolation.

Help Is Never Far Away

This is where Australia’s Angels of the air, The Royal Flying Doctor Service can be the difference between life and death for many locals, workers and visitors in Australia’s most remote and rural regions.
I’ll admit, i’ve always had a love and fascination about the RFDS. I think it probably stemmed from watching ‘The Flying Doctors’ a tv show that aired in Australia during the late 80’s early 90’s based on the RFDS. Upon leaving school I started nursing at Uni with the view to join, but sadly after 6 months, clinical placement in a nursing home and way too much exposure to needles, blood and bodily fluids, my brain received the messages my stomach was sending and reality set in. You either have that special gift or you don’t.. Maybe the RFDS needed someone in admin!

Image: Royal Flying Doctor Service SE Section

A Unique And Priceless Service

In an emergency the everyday heroes of the RFDS can be there to assist within hours, regardless of the isolation. Bringing peace of mind and relief to locals and travellers all over the Australian bush.
When you live on a remote cattle station several hours away from your next neighbour, popping in to see your GP isn’t as easy as it is for city people. The RFDS has this covered. With a fleet of 66 aircraft, These men and women provide primary health care to people over 80% of Australia. The RFDS doctors and health professionals also provide telehealth consultations, fly-in fly-out GP and nurse clinics, mobile dental services, patient transfers amongst other necessary services for our people in the bush.

Image: Royal Flying Doctor Service SE Section

Our Alice Springs Visit

When visiting The Northern Territory, I had the Alice Springs RFDS Base at the top of my ‘must see’ places. What a great facility. Upon arrival we sat down with the other visitors to hear a brief talk and to watch a short film about the RFDS, it’s history and the valuable work it performs under difficult circumstances.

We then started exploring the amazing museum. It is located in the original Radio Station House. There was so much to see and learn. We could take a peek inside a replica fuselage of a Pilatus PC12 and view all the model planes used by the RFDS through it’s history, look at the modes of communication that have been used to connect people in the bush to this vital service and also check out all the medical equipment needed on these important flights.

It was a real eye-opener as to how hard things were for these wonderful people but also how committed and dedicated they were and still are to providing exceptional medical care to rural and remote Australia. After taking the time to look, learn and understand about the RFDS it not only makes you feel so proud to be an Aussie, but also to help them out with a donation. The care they provide is second to none and they rely on the generosity of people like you and I to give them a hand financially to keep this service going.

We decided to grab a bite to eat and a cuppa after hearing that the RFDS Cafe had the best coffee in town. How could we not! The building which is now the RFDS cafe and gallery was once the home of the first RFDS radio operator in Alice Springs Base. The food was fantastic and ‘The Flying Doctor Coffee’ didn’t disappoint at all. Winner!

We had a fantastic day at the RFDS Alice Springs base. You walk out of there feeling good about the country you live in.

Support A Mate

If there’s ever an organisation that encapsulates the Aussie spirit, this is it. These men and women truly are the Angels of the Air. If you can spare a donation, please do so. Just remember, you might need them to save your life one day.


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