When I think of Australia, I think of the weathered post and rail fences and the gum trees of the bush, the red ochre of Uluru, a icy cold beer in an outback pub and the never say die spirit of the people. When I get these images in my head my heart beats faster with excitement, I well up with pride and begin thinking of where I can explore next. This is because Australia, in particularly the outback and bush are my passion, my love and an insatiable craving I have.

I believe this is because over the years I have learnt so much about these areas, the hard-working, strong willed people who inhabit it and the culture and history behind it. I truly believe all Australians should know what’s happening in their own backyard. How their country was formed, the iconic people in Australia’s history, and also current issues effecting these areas, how the decisions of people in the city effect the livelihoods and future of the bush, how our leaders and our population can help out and make a difference.

I hope that through my blog I can shed light on some of these important issues and also feature some interviews and stories on outback pubs, icons of the bush, careers and a peak into our past. With a bit of luck you’ll get bitten by the road trip bug too!

Liz and Trev 🙂


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