Who Are We?

We’re Liz and Trev. We have two gorgeous little boys, Charlie and Jack. When we’re not out ‘there’ exploring Australia, we live in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales on an 80 acre property in the sticks amongst the kookaburras, wallabies and gumtrees.

If there’s one thing that gets our hearts racing, it’s the thought of travel in the Australian outback or bush. Over the years we have had so much fun ticking off places and experiences from our ‘must dos’. From sleeping in swags under the stars at Uluru to visiting The Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame in Longreach, Queensland.

We know what it’s like to travel on a strict budget, with and without kids, in hotels, in an underground bunkhouse… you name it, we’ve probably done it! It’s our passion and we want to share it with the world.

Liz - Winton, Qld, Australia

What Makes Us Tick?

Bonding as a family unit and collecting life experiences are of most importance to us and through travel we have been able to open a whole new world to ourselves and our boys.
It is also so important to us to lend a hand to the rural and remote families and communities in Australia. This website is designed to showcase the wonderful organisations, businesses, charities, events and people operating in these regions and provide a platform for these groups to get their message heard.

Trev - Devils Marbles, NT, Australia

Our story

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with rural and remote Australia. Everything about it makes me so excited. Luckily for me I managed to snare a fella who felt the same way. From the very beginning, our dream was to pack up and do the big lap around Australia in a motorhome.

After getting married we both were very busy owning and managing our own businesses and doing the normal day to day grind. We needed some adventure but I knew there was no way we were in any position financially or time-wise to up and leave our home and businesses for 12 months. I needed to find a way to see as many things on our bucket list in the shortest and most inexpensive way possible.

After a lot of planning, saving and organising we set off on a small group tour travelling from Adelaide to Darwin and also included Kakadu. This trip was a game changer for us. We were hooked! Since that adventure, we have added two cheeky little boys to our family and have continued to explore our beautiful outback and bush.

Rob, Trev, Liz - Daly Waters Pub, NT, Australia

What Is Outback And Bush Australia?

We’re here to satisfy your craving for adventure and travel. We want to show families just like ours how easy it is to take a couple of weeks holidays, jump in the car and head off into the fantastic wide open spaces of Australia.

Our aim is to create a one stop shop where our readers can find all the inspiration, tools and information they need to experience rural and remote Australia. Sharing our adventures on our Destination pages, Showcasing the characters of the bush, their pubs, icons, history and day to day lives and jobs in our Blog posts. Using this same section each month to shine light on amazing organisations, events and dream destinations to inspire you. If you’re all ready to roll, we have our Planning 101, Info Centres and What’s On pages to give you a hand getting started.

Liz, Trev and Charlie - Winton, Qld, Australia

Why Outback and Bush Australia?

Outback and Bush Australia was born from a desire to help out the farming families and rural communities in Australia.
The drought had really driven these people to breaking point (again), in certain areas business incomes are horribly down and almost half of a town’s workforce has been laid off. The communities are under immense stress and hardship. It breaks our hearts. We want to help these people so badly but were wracking our minds to think ‘how’.
It’s impossible for us to make it rain, but with our love of outback travel and adventure we could share our stories and inspire people to visit these regions, spend their money in the local businesses, put a smile on the faces out there and give these communities some hope.
Blogging and building a website were completely new territory for us, but after a few courses, the help of You Tube and many long nights we managed to get it done and Outback and Bush Australia is here!

Our Dream

Our dream is to have Australia’s outback and bush at the top of everyone’s bucket list. To show you that you don’t need a 4wd and a caravan to have an Outback and bush experience, that you don’t need to take 3- 12 months off work and do an entire lap in one go to ‘see Australia’ and how relationships and bonds with your family will thrive through travel.

Working Together

We’re always interested in exploring new places and experiencing adventures and events to then share them with our readers. We love sharing exciting stories from the road, reviews of the places we have stayed and the products we have used, capturing the excitement of an event we attended and showcasing stunning images from the destinations itself.

If you would like us to help promote your brand, destination, product or event or even have something you think our readers would love to know about, drop us a line and we’ll get in touch.

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